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Field Trips for School Groups. . .

Where science is fun for groups of all sizes!

From home school and charter programs to large public schools, we look forward to providing a University-quality educational experience for your school group! For more than 45 years Fleischmann Planetarium has hosted hundreds of thousands of students on thousands of field trips. As a public science education facility specializing in atmospheric and space science and related fields, it’s our goal to increase interest, awareness and understanding of these disciplines by offering quality programs and experiences tailored to all ages and education levels.

Download our latest Field Trips for School Groups brochure pdf, or read on about how to make your next field trip to the Planetarium a great success. Select a program from our list below, call us with your reservation, and you’ll be on your way!

Welcome to the Heart of Campus!

Complement your field trip with a campus tour or visits to the W.M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum and Nevada Seismological Laboratory or Nevada Historical Society Museum. Learn more online or by calling the numbers below and contact the Planetarium for help coordinating your trip.

University of Nevada, Reno Campus Tours or (775) 784-4700

W.M. Keck Museum or (775) 784-4528

Nevada Historical Society Museum (click the link to Nevada Historical Society) or call (775) 688-1190

How to Book a Visit to the Planetarium

To ensure a successful visit, please review all information below.

Choose from the Planetarium Shows or SkyDome 8/70™ film offerings listed below, noting program age suitability. Call us at (775) 784-4812 or email to make a reservation.

Have the following information ready to book your visit:
• Teacher’s name
• School district, address and phone number
• Grade level and total number of attendees
• Program you wish to see
• Preferred and alternate dates and times
• Special needs for people with disabilities

Program Times

School presentations are offered at 10 and 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. Start times may be adjusted if necessary — call for details. Programs generally last approximately one hour (some shows designed for younger students are shorter; the Solar and Wind Power Show and Tour may run longer). Summer programs are available for multi-track schools, camps and other education groups. Call us at (775) 784-4812 for details.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before show time. Don’t forget to allow time for required bus drills! Children may need time to stretch their legs, use the restrooms, explore the Exhibit Hall and browse in the Science Store. Provide us with an accurate count of the number of adults and children, and pay the admission fee.

Remember that your group may be followed immediately by another. If you arrive late, we may need to cut your presentation short to accommodate the next group scheduled. Please review our program cancellation policy for specific details.

For safety reasons, guests who arrive after the program has started and lights have been turned down will not be admitted. Please arrive early.

Program Fees

The fee for each program is $4 per person. The minimum charge for each group is $75. All students, teachers and adult chaperones must pay the admission fee. Note: Free admission for two teachers per group.

Please note: Each school group is requested to make one payment to the Planetarium cashier for all members of the group. (Separate payments from each group member require additional time, which shortens the time available for programs.) Please have your payment ready (credit card, cash or checks made payable to the Board of Regents) to give to our cashier upon arrival.

Transportation to the Planetarium

Transportation to Fleischmann Planetarium is not included in program fees. Contact your school for transportation arrangements in advance of your visit. Free parking is available in designated spaces in the West Stadium Parking Complex, level 3, just east of the Planetarium. For high-profile vehicles taller than 8 feet, please call the University’s Parking Services, (775) 784-4654, for information about required permits and parking locations.

Cancellation Policy

We want to make our programs available to as many students as possible; time slots and space are limited. To reach this goal, we must adhere to the following policy:
• Cancellations made more than 10 working days prior to the scheduled program: no charge
• Cancellations made 10 or fewer working days prior to the scheduled program: $75 charge

The cancellation charge will not apply in cases of extreme weather conditions or unresolved emergency; we will be as flexible as we can. Please call (775) 784-4812 immediately if problems arise, and feel free to call for information any time.

Full-Dome Planetarium Shows!

Our school programs use the Planetarium’s new state-of-the-art Spitz SciDome™ full-dome digital video system, followed by a live presentation of the night sky from Planetarium staff.

Show times for school groups are 10 and 11:30 a.m., Monday-Friday. Many of our Fleischmann Planetarium programs correlate with specific Nevada Department of Education Science Standards, as noted with each listing*:

Live Star Talk (with every show!)
(Grades K-12; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe; Atmospheric Processes, Water Cycle)
Fleischmann Planetarium experts provide a look at the current sky with a star talk that accompanies each show, targeted to the season and the specific grade levels of our visitors.

Larry Cat in Space©
(Grades K-1; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe)
Take off on a lunar adventure with a curious stowaway cat. This program is a playful cartoon presentation about an inquisitive cat who takes a trip to the Moon, observing his human family of enthusiastic sky watchers.

Bad Astronomy: Myths and Misconceptions©
(Grades 3-6; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe) Educator’s guide available
Based on the popular book and website “Bad Astronomy” by author Phil Plait, this wacky-but-wise planetarium show entertains audiences of all ages with an inside look at out-of-this-world myths and misconceptions, including astrology, the moon hoax, UFOs and others. Discover for yourself that “the truth is out there!”

Legends of the Night Sky: Orion©
(Grades K-1; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe) Educator’s guide available
“Legends of the Night Sky: Orion” is a delightful, light-hearted look at the ancient Greek mythology behind the winter constellations filled with funny and engaging characters who will entertain and educate all ages.

Perfect Little Planet©
(Grades K-3; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe) Educator’s guide available
Imagine the ultimate space vacation! For space travelers of all ages, this search for the best destinations in the galaxy takes us to Pluto, through the rings of Saturn, across the storms of Jupiter and beyond!

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket©
(Grades 1-3; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe; Atmospheric Processes, Water Cycle) Educator’s guide available
Climb aboard a magical cardboard rocket with two young adventurers and experience a breathtaking, up-close look at each of our solar system’s planets. Discover the secret to making this seemingly impossible trip, and gain a new sense of wonder about space along the way!

Attack of the Space Pirates ©
(Grades 3-6; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe)
With amazing sound effects by George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound, the Starship Intrepid travels through hyperspace to supergiant stars, rogue planets, a black hole and more in a race against time to find an alien technology first, while defending against the attack of the space pirates!

Solar and Wind Power Show and Tour
(Grades 3-12; NDE Standards: Earth’s Composition and Structure)
Available for all school groups, our Solar and Wind Power program is also aimed at Green Power schools funded by NV Energy and offers grade-specific shows and a talk connected to renewable energy topics and photovoltaic (PV) power in space exploration. A tour of the Planetarium’s PV, wind and solar thermal systems is included. Call the Planetarium for more information.

Black Holes©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: Forces, Motion; Energy) Educator’s guide available
Journey through one of the most mystifying, awe-inspiring phenomena in the universe, exploring the latest discoveries and examining recent scientific theories while viewing simulations of black holes and their cosmic effects.

Cosmic Safari©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: no formal correlation)
Discover what creatures might look like on worlds very different from our own on this search for life on undiscovered planets where scientific theory is transformed into exotic environs with fantastic fauna never before imagined.

DarkStar Adventure©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: no formal correlation) Educator’s guide available
After three years at an astronomy research station on a dying planet, a teenager bored by science is excited about leaving — just in time before the planet’s sun explodes! Witness the power of a supernova, explore a gaseous nebula, visit exotic pulsars and keep a safe distance from a black hole!

Impact Earth©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: Solar System; Earth’s Composition and Structure)
Meteors, asteroids and comets, oh my! Learn from recent NASA explorations how asteroid hunters seek new objects in the solar system, how ground-penetrating radar finds meteorites embedded in the Earth, and how these sky fliers can pose potential dangers to life on our planet.

It’s About Time©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: no formal correlation)
Ride on the Arthur C. Clarke Space Elevator and look through the Einstein Time Telescope at the history of our universe in this exciting adventure!

Oceans in Space©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: Atmospheric Processes, Water Cycle)
Inspired by the goals of NASA’s Origins Program, “Oceans in Space” searches for places in the universe where conditions are favorable for life to exist. From the volcanic vents on Earth’s ocean floor, to Mars, to the Jovian moon Europa, you’ll explore the diversity of life on our planet and beyond.

Tales of the Maya Skies©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe)
Explore science, culture and legend in the jungles of Mexico and learn how the Maya built cities and temples aligned to movements of the solar system. Incredible mathematical knowledge helped the Maya observe astronomical events with great accuracy and develop a very precise calendar.

Ultimate Universe©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: Energy; Solar System, Universe)
From the outer reaches of space and time, through wondrous galaxies, to the majesty of our own solar system, take a grand tour of the universe, its most provocative secrets the major components of the cosmos.

(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe)
Take an astronomical journey to ancient sites where our ancestors built great structures to examine the universe, then return to look through the eyes of modern scientists for a spectacular overview of the heavens!

Wonders of the Universe©
(Grades 4-12; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe)
Peer deep into space through the Hubble Space Telescope and travel back billions of years to witness the birth of the universe, the formation of galaxies and some of the most wondrous nebulae ever discovered!

Dawn of the Space Age©
(Grades 6-12; NDE Standards: no formal correlation)
Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing, July 20, 1969, “Dawn of the Space Age” traces achievements in space exploration from the launch of Sputnik to magnificent lunar landings and space flights — featuring the men and women who have led us into new frontiers.

Extreme Planets©
(Grades 6-12; NDE Standards: Solar System, Universe)
Join the imaginative quest for extra-solar planets in this immersive full-dome tour of extreme Earth-like environments, from water-worlds and molten landscapes to uninhabitable moons and planets with multiple suns.

Ice Worlds©
(Grades 6-12; NDE Standard: Atmospheric Processes, Water Cycle)
In celebration of the International Polar Year, “Ice Worlds” is a spectacular exploration of icebergs in the Arctic, massive glaciers, the Antarctic wilderness and more. Learn how science helps us discover environmental conditions that affect our future on Planet Earth!

Saturn: Jewel of the Heavens©
(Grades 6-12; NDE Standards: no formal correlation)
Using sophisticated spacecraft, scientists have reached out to this great planet — one of the most beautiful in the solar system — sailing by trillions of chunks of ice that make up its glorious rings. Thanks to new findings, Saturn’s moons, rings and exotic secrets can be seen in the latest 3-D technology filling our entire Planetarium dome (no 3-D glasses required)!

Two Small Pieces of Glass©
(Grades 6-12; NDE Standards: Energy; Solar System, Universe) Educator’s guide available
Part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, marking the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s use of an astronomical telescope, the show is a stunning historical chronicle — from Galileo to the latest discoveries in space — including interviews with the world’s leading astrophysicists.

*For more information about Nevada Department of Education Science Standards, visit .

SkyDome 8/70™ Films!

School groups are welcome to select any show currently offered, including our Star Shows listed above, as well as our SkyDome 8/70™ large-format film experiences, which are also offered for school field trips at the National Bowling Stadium Theater in downtown Reno. Please ask about program availability when you call to make your reservation.

Coming to a School Near You!

In partnership with the Challenger Learning Center of Northern Nevada, Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center can bring shows directly to schools in the Reno-Sparks area, with an inflatable dome featuring planetarium shows and accompanied by hands-on activities for elementary, middle-school and high-school students. For schools with limited space, the Planetarium and Challenger Learning Center can also offer this program at the University’s Redfield Campus in south Reno, at Sparks High School and on the University’s main campus. The Planetarium is also happy to coordinate with the Astronomical Society of Nevada to bring guest speakers to your site. Contact the Planetarium for fees, scheduling and other details: (775) 784-4812 or email

Field Trips and Programs downloads:

School Programs 2012-13

Cover Image of National Bowling Stadium Theater School Programs   Cover Image of School Programs

•  National Bowling Stadium Theater School Programs  pdf  >

•  Planetarium School Programs  pdf  >


Educators’ Guides

Solar System   Cover Image of School Programs

•  Solar System Fact Sheet pdf  >

•  Constellation Star Wheel  pdf  >


Links to additional resources

• Hubble:  How the images are created -

• Heavens Above: Satellite tracking and more (registration required) -

• Starry Night (web version):  Real-time astronomy software that powers our dome -

• NASA Quest: Education site with games and more -

• WorldWide Telescope: Tour the best images of our night skies (Windows only) -



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